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Rudder Angle Feedback Unit
Rudder Angle Feedback Unit

Rudder Angle Feedback Unit

€ 395.00

Rudder Angle Feedback Unit DZ319 is a position sensor to get actual angle of ship rudder.

It can be used in any project for similar aim. Such as pitch angle indicating systems

The DZ319 can be suitable also for boat and yachts.

Best For Ships

DZ319 Is very simple and can be adapted to all ships
Origin is Far East
This product has no certificate yet
Best for retrofit 

High Precision Hall Effect Sensor

Another advantage of DZ319 is containing high presicion hall effect sensor. There is no any mechanical sensor or potentiometer inside. Hall effect can generate high resolution for position without mechanical damage risk.


High Precision Hall Effect Sensor
Reverse Polarty Protection
High Durablty And Shock Resstance
+/- 10V Out to Fit Most Applcatons
Linear Output For All Angles Of Rudder
Long Product Life
Output Short Crcut Protecton
Easy Installaton And Replacement


Power Supply : 24VDC
Power Consuption : 40mA
Output : +/- 10VDC
Max.Output Current : 10 mA
Working Angle : 90 Degree
Weight   250,0 g