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Air Horn 138 dB
Air Horn 138 dB
138 dB 2
138 dB 1
Air Horn 138 dB
Air Horn 138 dB
138 dB 2
138 dB 1

Air Horn 138 dB

 Very strong and long life air horn. High decibel sound output with modern design and small body.

This horn is pressured air operated product. Air is supplied through a solenoid valve and manual valve wich can be controlled by hand pull-rope as in emergency situations.
Activation can be done by a push button or automatic fog controller by energised solenoid valve coil.


Suitable for 75-200 meter length ships
Material                     :   Copper
Weight                        :  6,50 kg
Output                        :  138 dB
Frequency                 :  130-350 Hz Adjustable
Air In. Press              :   8-10 bar
Air Pipe Diameter :  10mm
Air Flow                      :  5,0 l/s
Audible Distance   :  1,5 Mile
Control Options     : Electrically driven solenoid valve and manual valve through hand pull-rope.
Solenoid coil voltage can be chosen 24V DC , 110V AC or 220V AC at order.
Meets compliance with the Colregs 1972 Annex III
Certificates               :  Manufacturer Certificate avaliable
Origin                           :  Far East


Maitenance free design and material
Fully seawater resistant copper body
Electrically and hand pull-rope activation
New generation small compact sizes
Easy to install and comissioning