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Marine 4
Marine 4

Marine 4

Robust and accurate portable gas detector – IP67 rated
Provides audible and visual alarms in the event of exposure to flammable or toxic gases
Detects and displays up to 4 gases simultaneously
Simple 1-button operation
Crew-safe’ fail-safe sensor technology with 6-month data logging
Bump test with the ABC – Always Be Calibrated Solution
MED/ Type Approved

Portable Gas Detection

A robust and accurate portable gas detector, the Marine 4™ provides unrivaled protection in confined space applications, with audible and visual alarms in the event of exposure to flammable or toxic gases. Detecting and displaying up to 4 gases simultaneously, it is suitable for a host of applications in a variety of industries. The Marine 4™ can be configured to detect a combination of methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, as well as other flammable gases.

Pre-entry checking can be carried out with the optional internal sampling pump and diffusion operation, ensuring maximum battery life in confined spaces. It has been MED “Wheel marked” for use on all vessels with a simple 1-button operation. The Marine 4™ is supplied with an integral pump with flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks, holds and void spaces. This makes the Marine 4™ a personal and portable gas detector.

The Marine 4™ has ‘crew-safe’ fail-safe sensor technology. The detector is robustly constructed and built to last on ships. Crews can also easily change the sensor, saving you service time and money.