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Leroy Somer R448
Leroy Somer R448

Leroy Somer R448

CONTROL TECHNIC Is authorized sales agent of Leroy Somer products.
Leroy Somer R448 is discontinued product.
We have last stocks.

This products replaced by R450.

Different excitation systems

Leroy-Somer offers different excitation systems to match application requirements. An excitation system uses the alternator output to build an excitation current that is then used to power the rotating magnetic field of the rotor. This principle allows for the control of the output power. 

Shuntt Arep PMG

R448 AVR Is very versatile. It can be installed as 3 different versions. Shunt, Arep or PMG. These options are described in manual file.

Fast and sharp

R448 is an AVR which is very fast for load reactions. At instant high load currents, R448 replies well through its design.