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Kiour ALU
Kiour ALU

Kiour ALU

€ 350.00

Kiour ALU is suitable for use in ship’s bridge, console and engine room

Unit has necessary certificate for marine

Product Design Assessment certificate from the American Bureau of Shipping

10 digital alarm inputs 24VAC/DC

Kiour ALU Has 10 alarm input as digital. Very usefull for all small and complicated systems on marine and land applications.     

Other benefits

• Set up of RS485 network by units (up to 98) or by computer

• Connection to thermal printer for instant printing of an alarm


• NO or NC contact activation

• Time delay in each input

• 14 digital outputs for driving relays

• Capability of holding the alarm after the RESET

• Internal relay 250VAC 10A for setting up an external alarm circuit in case of main power failure

• One general internal relay 250VAC 10A

Power Supply : 24V AC / DC
Alarm Input : n.o. / n.c. contact
Relay : 2 Relay / 250 VAC 10A Resistive Load
Channel : 10
External Alarm Output : 10 Corresponding outputs, 10 - 20 mA for remote monitoring
Power consumption : Max 5 W
Connections : Capable of connecting up to 32 Units
Timer Delay : All inputs set from 0 to 100 second
Temperature range : 0 to + 60°C (Operation)
Origin : Greece